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New Natural Language Processing Hub

Recently, research and applications related with Natural Language Processing (NLP) have experimented a great development. NLP technology is used in several fields as, for example, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, e-Learning and other areas that need a smart manage of huge amounts of text. Consequently, news related with NLP in the web have increased too: new [...]

Cilenis Conjugador Español

Here it is the Spanish conjugator of Cilenis: Cilenis Conjugador Español. At the same time that we launch the Apps Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator, we offer our new Spanish conjugator online. In Cilenis we keep our linguistic and technologic commitment to put language within reach of everyone, by developping basic tools that make easier [...]

New Android Apps

Cilenis puts in your hands all Portuguese and Spanish verbs by means of its Android Apps: Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator. If you have an Android device, you can download and install our new conjugators easily and fast. Both Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator have all the options of our online conjugators for Spanish and [...]

Open Your Mind

This last March, Cilenis had the pleasure of attending the Networking Open your Mind. The goal of the meeting, organized by Grupo Affines, Escuela Inventa and Villamarín Professional Group, is to put Galician companies in touch with each other and to establish links and collaboration between them, as well as to share experiences and ideas. [...]

Cilenis in La Voz

This last December, Cilenis was the topic of an article in the supplement Mercados (Markets) of La Voz de Galicia. In section Companies, La Voz devoted us a space describing, among other things, who we are (a Spin-Off from the USC); what is our working field (Natural Language Processing and Language Technology); our projects (Cilenis [...]

In the beginning was the verb… Conjugated

Which is the correct verb form in Galician: xurdiu or xordeu? And how should I conjugate the verb tuitar in Portuguese? Don’t worry: Cilenis online conjugators for Spanish and Portuguese will do the work for you. Regular verb, irregular verb, normative verb, invented verb… it doesn’t matter: Cilenis Conxugador and Cilenis Conjugador can cope with [...]

Cilenis First Award as Innovative Business Project

And we start really well, getting the 1st Award of the XI Competition for Innovative Projects of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). For us, a great shot of enthusiasm and motivation because of the support and trust in our young business project focused on Language Technology.               [...]

Hello world!

We start Cilenis blog. We inaugurate a new space of communication from where we want to tell you more about Cilenis: about what we do, what we will do and what we dream to do. We hope we will have your company in this journey. We take off!