Elevator Pitch of Avalingua at MIT Building Global Innovators

We already speak in this blog, in the social networks, in media and in Marc Vidal’s blog, we were in the final of Building Global Innovators, a start-up contest organized by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Portugal. Finally we show you the video of the elevator pitch of Avalingua, our solution to evaluate, learn, teach and monitor language education.

We want to share with you some pictures of the Final Track Ceremonyof Building Global Innovators, in wich we won the honorable mention.

Isaac González, Cilenis CEO. Adolfo Fernández, Cilenis Marketing Manager. At MIT BGI 2013

Isaac González, Cilenis CEO. Adolfo Fernández, Cilenis Marketing Manager; part of the Avalingua Team. And other partipants of MIT Building Global Innovators 2013

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO, pitching Avalingua at MIT BGI 2013

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO, pitching Avalingua at MIT BGI 2013



Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO, pitching Avalingua at MIT BGI 2013

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO, pitching Avalingua at MIT BGI 2013

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO, pitching Avalingua at MIT BGI 2013

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO, pitching Avalingua at MIT BGI 2013

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO and Adolfo Fernandez, Cilenis Marketing Manager in the anouncement of Honorable Mention for Avalingua

Isaac Gonzalez, Cilenis CEO and Adolfo Fernandez, Cilenis Marketing Manager in the anouncement of Honorable Mention for Avalingua

Finally, our gratitude to Gonçalo Amorim, director of BGI; Henrique Carreiro, our mentor at BGI; Catarina Madeira, Pedro Barreira, Miguel Amador and all the organization of BGI, they did a great job and support us.

Next step, e-Teams 3 at Boston!

Avalingua, Honorable Mention in the semifinals of the MIT Portugal



After more than six months of hard work by the Cilenis team, our project Avalingua got the Honour Mention at the Building Global Innovators 2013, an iniciative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology organized by the MIT in Lisbon, Portugal.

The price-giving ceremony took place on Thursday afternoon in the Portuguese capital. Important mentors and international renown investors, as well as other personalities and experts in business venture, innovation and technology,  took part in the event.

5290a3870d28c-bzneevfieaaudwhThe course of Avalingua at the Building Global Innovators started in July, after passing with exit the selection among more than 100 star-ups around the world. In the first phase of the competition, 20 projects were mentored to create their business plan and their marketing strategies. Thanks to the advices of the mentors, experts in technology and start-ups, and, especially, to the effort of the whole team who took part in the project, Avalingua continues its way to be launched in the market. The award gives to the company and its project a great international prestige and also it gives access to financial support and other investment opportunities.

With Avalingua we want to change the way people study languages. The software Avalingua has been designed for the automatic evaluation of the written language in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Galician. A smart checker that allows to improve learning, teaching and language management. Avalingua can be used individually as well as for the evaluation of groups. It has been thought as a tool for the class and as a evaluation method in schools, High Schools and other academic institutions. It allows the precise observation and monitoring of the linguistic quality.


In Cilenis we keep on combining our know-how in Technology and Linguistics, incresing our range of products and services every year, and contributing to the improvement of the eficiency in language learning.

After this amazing and fruitful week in Portugal, we have to come back to Santiago to carry on with our work in the project, thinking in the next bootcamp which will take place in Boston next spring.

All the support received in this stage has been essential for us. Especially, the support of our partner and mentor Marc Vidal. Thanks for the comforting word of your blog!



Words and Movies. WovieGame

la foto 3

If you love cinema or you are this kind of person that doesn´t need more than one second or… some keywords to guess the title of a movie, WovieGame is your game.

WovieGame plays with words and cinema, and test your cinematographic knowledge. From a cloud of words that refer to characters, dialogues, places…,  you must guess correctly the title of a movie, selecting one between four posible options.

You have 60 seconds to show how much you know.

la foto 4











Guess right the maximum number of movies, and share your ability in your social networks and compete with other cinephiles.

WovieGame has been created by Cristina Rey and Fernando Blanco, two developers of Cilenis Language Technology, in their free time. This application is based in the tecnhology of CilenisAPI, a product of Language Techology currently in version beta. The potencial of Cilenis API to introduce a bigger database and the use of one of its linguistic tools, Keyword Extractor, allow to extract, for this game, the more relevant words from the subtitles of more than 150 movies.

We hope that you test WovieGame, that you play and, overall, that you really enjoy it in Androidor iOS.

 la foto 2


Keys for the success in language learning. Change in method and paradigm


To learn a language, dominate it, achieve a optimum level at the expression, is one of wishes that all of us think once or twice a year. And now is the time. We can study the language that we love or we need. Or we can join a language academy.

In any case, it should be other options, for example. Each person will be capable to direct their own learning progress, and improve step by step, at their convinience. Those people demand other systems and learning methods which could correct them automatically. They need a system that will always be avaliable to help them, and show the errors and why they fail. A new system which assess the effort in a statistical method.

At Cilenis we work with languages, they are our raw material. We analyze and study them to know it better. For this reason we work at that system which take precedence at the language learning methods, and maybe we are close to achieve it.


Captura de ecra em 2013-03-04 00:28:31One of the biggest challenges in Linguistic Engineering is to extract, store, organize, and update encyclopedic information, which is in steady growth. In recent years, specifically through the project Linked Data, are accessible and linked on the Web a large number of structured repositories containing information about companies, products, scientific terms, writers, composers, works of art, music, geographic places, etc. These repositories are only updated if the external sources of data (well structured) that depend are also updated. One of the challenges of the coming years is to automatically update encyclopedic data, by extracting information, not only from other structured sources with high maintenance costs, but directly from the source text, i.e., from linguistic corpora.

Driven by this need, the research group ProLNat @ GE, coordinated by Pablo Gamallo (Citius), researcher at the the University of Santiago de Compostela and co-founder of Cilenis, has been working since 2011 in OntoPedia project. The project, funded by MICINN, aims to acquire, organize and automatically update large amounts of encyclopedic information, by designing and applying techniques of natural language processing and information extraction. The project is focused on written text in four languages​​: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. And all the tools and resources generated from the project will be available under free license (General Public License).

More precisely, the group has developed a system to extract information about Named Entities (ENS), by mining a large corpus (Wikipedia) containing encyclopedic knowledge. The extracted information is stored in a knowledge base constituted by a collection of triplets, which represent properties, basic facts and events related to ENs and domain-specific terms. Within this project, we also have designed ONTOpedia, a search engine that operates on a collection of triplets of 47GBs, which allows retrieving the information required by the user. Each triplet contains information about any EN or term and consists of three elements (Object1, Relationship, Object2). Examples of triplets are the following:

Object1 Relation Object2
Mourinho- awards- award Limón in 2002…
Rajoy- current age- 58
Aneto- elevation- 3404m

Queries can be performed ​​on any of the three elements of the triplet. For example, if a query consists of two key words: “Mourinho” in the field Object1 and “award” in the field Relation, the system returns all triplets that mapped the query, including, besides the Limón Prize, World Soccer and its Honoris Causa.

In future work, the project has several important goals: to improve the search engine through expansion with synonyms and translation equivalents; to built a computational architecture that allows updating of the corpus through the design and implementation of specific tools for each source of information (apart from Wikipedia, information will be extracted from different newspapers and blogs); to incorporate a new module for analyzing questions in natural language, and then, to construct a Question & Answering system. Our goal is that the user could find short answers by making questions to the knowledge base by using natural language expressions: what awards did Mourinho win? how old is Rajoy? What is the altitude of Monte Aneto?

The idea underlying ONTOpedia is close to that of the renowned IBM Watson syste: the first Q&A search engine that won a TV contest against two humans in the popular American program Jeopardy.

Use ONTOpedia!

Cilenis in Expansión



This week the ecoconomic diary Expansion speaks about us. The article tells about Cilenis Conjugator, Avalingua, NLPHub and our partner Marc Vidal. Thanks to Jesús Penelas for the great job.

Cilenis and Marc Vidal

This Monday, 3th of December was a very important date for Cilenis. Today we sign with Marc Vidal, an indisputable referent of entrepreneurs and the new economy, the entrance of Idodi Labs in our business project.

Marc Vidal is a skilled economic forecaster in new economy, with a stood out profile in academic, professional and media fields. In 2010 it was selected like one of the ten more influential people of Internet in Spain. His main project, nowadays, is Idodi, and their three parts: Idodi International, Idodi Corporate and Idodi Labs. Marc Vidal creates and promotes new projects, building a network of technological companies in which Cilenis is now there.

We are very proud to belong to the Idodi Labs family. For us, this is an amazing opportunity to expand our project, because the experience and knowledge of Marc Vidal and his team is joining to Cilenis group, we believe this will bring our wishes very far. This agreement makes possible to have his “mentoring”, with the collaboration in the technical and economic development and the impulse in the process of internationalization.

This Monday was an intense day, it started with a breakfast in the House of Europe with professionals linked to the IT in the University of Santiago and of the business, like Alberto Lázaro (Tuapli), José Ramón Pichel (Imaxín Software), Manuel Quintanar (deputy director of the Hostal of the Catholic Kings), Mabela Casal (director of the Library of the USC), our mates Isaac González and Pablo Gamallo, and with Juan José Gómez, manager of Unixest, as host.

After the signature of partners, we initiate a complete working time in Uninova, in which we exchange impressions, ideas and projects with Marc Vidal. We learned of his business vision, his knowledge of the markets, the development of businesses and the internationalization.

This incorporation is decisive for our team, we are totally sure here begin a new exciting way full of oportunities.

New Natural Language Processing Hub

Recently, research and applications related with Natural Language Processing (NLP) have experimented a great development. NLP technology is used in several fields as, for example, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, e-Learning and other areas that need a smart manage of huge amounts of text.

Consequently, news related with NLP in the web have increased too: new specialized companies, new research aimed at a better analysis and understanding of natural languages… Nevertheless, the sources of these news are very different: from personal blogs of students to specialized webs of companies.

The Natural Language Processing|HUB is a new service that offers, for free and in real time, news related with NLP and other fields as e-Learning, Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Linguistics or Data Mining.

The NLP|HUB searchs in the web the best and more recent news, posts and videos about these topics, and organizes them in different categories making easier their management. Moreover, it provides rss subscriptions organized in different categories.

Keep informed with NLP novelties with NLP|HUB!

Cilenis Conjugador Español

Here it is the Spanish conjugator of Cilenis: Cilenis Conjugador Español.
At the same time that we launch the Apps Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator, we offer our new Spanish conjugator online.
In Cilenis we keep our linguistic and technologic commitment to put language within reach of everyone, by developping basic tools that make easier to learn and manage languages, through new and more efficient ways.
Similar to the Galician and the Portuguese conjugators, Cilenis Conjugador Español allows different options for the Spanish verbs. If you wish, you can conjugate any verb, even those that don’t exist. If you need to follow the normative, you can choose to use only those verbs of the Diccionario de la Real Academia. Once you have chosen your verb, Cilenis Conjugador Español gives you its complete conjugation. Moreover: with those verbs that have double conjugation (atestar), you can choose which one you want to conjugate.
Evertything through an easy, clear and friendly interface. Free and without adds.
Cilenis Conjugador Español is free software and is based on a tool developped by Susana Sotelo Docío.
In Cilenis we still working for the development of linguistic tools useful for you. Conjugate freely and without errors!

New Android Apps

Cilenis puts in your hands all Portuguese and Spanish verbs by means of its Android Apps: Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator.
If you have an Android device, you can download and install our new conjugators easily and fast.
Both Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator have all the options of our online conjugators for Spanish and Portuguese. You can conjugate only normative verbs or even invented verbs. For Portuguese, you can use the Brasilian normative, the Portuguese normative or both, before and after the Speeling Agreement.
Everything through an easy and friendly interface, similar to that of the online conjugators that you already know.
In Cilenis we keep working to put the language in your hands!