Open Your Mind

This last March, Cilenis had the pleasure of attending the Networking Open your Mind.

The goal of the meeting, organized by Grupo Affines, Escuela Inventa and Villamarín Professional Group, is to put Galician companies in touch with each other and to establish links and collaboration between them, as well as to share experiences and ideas. After having attended the meeting, in Cilenis we think that the idea works really well.

First, nothing better than a good lunch in Bodeguilla de San Lázaro with companies like Galantiqua, El Recadero, Go2JUMP, Una mesa! Por favor, Con C de Comunicación, Santiago de Compostela.Portaldetuciudad, A Moreno Ingeniería Ambiental o Gestión Energética Geicom.

Because of the great job of the organizers, Eloy Gesto (e-inventa) and Marisol Vázquez (Affines), the development of the meeting was dynamic and enjoyable: we talked about movies, we made use of a group game to present our companies… In the opinion of our ambassador in the meeting, Santi: “The meeting is really interesting for enterprising people. There is a lot of enthusiasm and it works.”
We feel lucky to attend this kind of meetings where new companies can make links.

We see you in the next!

Cilenis in La Voz

This last December, Cilenis was the topic of an article in the supplement Mercados (Markets) of La Voz de Galicia. In section Companies, La Voz devoted us a space describing, among other things, who we are (a Spin-Off from the USC); what is our working field (Natural Language Processing and Language Technology); our projects (Cilenis Conxugador and Cilenis Conjugador; Cilenis Search; Avalingua…) or our potential market (more than 600 millions of speakers around the world for our services and products). From Cilenis, we are really grateful for this oppotunity of La Voz, for its interest, and for spreading our work.
We still working!

In the beginning was the verb… Conjugated

Which is the correct verb form in Galician: xurdiu or xordeu? And how should I conjugate the verb tuitar in Portuguese?

Don’t worry: Cilenis online conjugators for Spanish and Portuguese will do the work for you. Regular verb, irregular verb, normative verb, invented verb… it doesn’t matter: Cilenis Conxugador and Cilenis Conjugador can cope with everything.
Using Cilenis Conxugador you can look up all the forms of whichever Galician verb you prefere, verbs out of the normative but usually used, or even invented verbs. Moreover, if you have doubts about the normative use of a verb, you can restrict your search just to those verbs appearing in the Vocabulary of the Galician Language (VOLGA).
Cilenis Conjugador lets you conjugate the Portuguese verb that you want (even those that you invent) or only the usual ones. Furthermore, you can conjugate following the Portuguese normative, the Brasilian one, and both before and after the Speeling Agreement (Acordo Ortográfico).
So, with Cilenis conjugators you can use the language following the normative that you want or just in a more free way… you choose. Simply put the infinitive of your verb in the box and conjugate.
Both conjugators are free software and can be implemented in external applications and sytems.
Just go ahead: conjugate freely and without errors with Cilenis.

Cilenis First Award as Innovative Business Project

And we start really well, getting the 1st Award of the XI Competition for Innovative Projects of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).
For us, a great shot of enthusiasm and motivation because of the support and trust in our young business project focused on Language Technology.

Proud Winners









The USC competition, which has a valuable tradition, promotes and awards the development of innovative business projects. For this reason, it addresses a wide range of competitors: the three Galician universities, centers associated with the UNED in Galicia, and companies established this year (as Cilenis). Each contestant must apply his business project.
The criteria considered in the evaluation are diverse: project viability, volume of estimated employment, multidisciplinarity, and, especially, innovation of products and services.
In this edition, in which Cilenis has won, 41 projects were submitted. They came from 90 different developers of diverse knowledge areas: Computer Science, Biology, Industrial Engineering, Education Science, or Business Administration and Management.
The members of the jury were, among others: the Research Vice-Rector, Francisco González; the general director of Employment Promotion, Andrés Hermida Trastoy; or the director of the USC Cátedra Bancaja Juventud Emprendedora, Loreto Fernández. We are very grateful to all of them for the trust put in Cilenis.
We can’t forget, of course!, the other awarded projects: the company Biostat, the web, and the project ‘CAFI. Psicología, familia y adopción’. From Cilenis, congratulations and good luck to all of you and to the rest of competitors.

Hello world!

We start Cilenis blog.
We inaugurate a new space of communication from where we want to tell you more about Cilenis: about what we do, what we will do and what we dream to do.
We hope we will have your company in this journey.
We take off!