Words and Movies. WovieGame

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If you love cinema or you are this kind of person that doesn´t need more than one second or… some keywords to guess the title of a movie, WovieGame is your game.

WovieGame plays with words and cinema, and test your cinematographic knowledge. From a cloud of words that refer to characters, dialogues, places…,  you must guess correctly the title of a movie, selecting one between four posible options.

You have 60 seconds to show how much you know.

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Guess right the maximum number of movies, and share your ability in your social networks and compete with other cinephiles.

WovieGame has been created by Cristina Rey and Fernando Blanco, two developers of Cilenis Language Technology, in their free time. This application is based in the tecnhology of CilenisAPI, a product of Language Techology currently in version beta. The potencial of Cilenis API to introduce a bigger database and the use of one of its linguistic tools, Keyword Extractor, allow to extract, for this game, the more relevant words from the subtitles of more than 150 movies.

We hope that you test WovieGame, that you play and, overall, that you really enjoy it in Androidor iOS.

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