In the beginning was the verb… Conjugated

Which is the correct verb form in Galician: xurdiu or xordeu? And how should I conjugate the verb tuitar in Portuguese?

Don’t worry: Cilenis online conjugators for Spanish and Portuguese will do the work for you. Regular verb, irregular verb, normative verb, invented verb… it doesn’t matter: Cilenis Conxugador and Cilenis Conjugador can cope with everything.
Using Cilenis Conxugador you can look up all the forms of whichever Galician verb you prefere, verbs out of the normative but usually used, or even invented verbs. Moreover, if you have doubts about the normative use of a verb, you can restrict your search just to those verbs appearing in the Vocabulary of the Galician Language (VOLGA).
Cilenis Conjugador lets you conjugate the Portuguese verb that you want (even those that you invent) or only the usual ones. Furthermore, you can conjugate following the Portuguese normative, the Brasilian one, and both before and after the Speeling Agreement (Acordo Ortográfico).
So, with Cilenis conjugators you can use the language following the normative that you want or just in a more free way… you choose. Simply put the infinitive of your verb in the box and conjugate.
Both conjugators are free software and can be implemented in external applications and sytems.
Just go ahead: conjugate freely and without errors with Cilenis.

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