Open Your Mind

This last March, Cilenis had the pleasure of attending the Networking Open your Mind.

The goal of the meeting, organized by Grupo Affines, Escuela Inventa and Villamarín Professional Group, is to put Galician companies in touch with each other and to establish links and collaboration between them, as well as to share experiences and ideas. After having attended the meeting, in Cilenis we think that the idea works really well.

First, nothing better than a good lunch in Bodeguilla de San Lázaro with companies like Galantiqua, El Recadero, Go2JUMP, Una mesa! Por favor, Con C de Comunicación, Santiago de Compostela.Portaldetuciudad, A Moreno Ingeniería Ambiental o Gestión Energética Geicom.

Because of the great job of the organizers, Eloy Gesto (e-inventa) and Marisol Vázquez (Affines), the development of the meeting was dynamic and enjoyable: we talked about movies, we made use of a group game to present our companies… In the opinion of our ambassador in the meeting, Santi: “The meeting is really interesting for enterprising people. There is a lot of enthusiasm and it works.”
We feel lucky to attend this kind of meetings where new companies can make links.

We see you in the next!

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