Cilenis Conjugador Español

Here it is the Spanish conjugator of Cilenis: Cilenis Conjugador Español.
At the same time that we launch the Apps Portuguese Conjugator and Spanish Conjugator, we offer our new Spanish conjugator online.
In Cilenis we keep our linguistic and technologic commitment to put language within reach of everyone, by developping basic tools that make easier to learn and manage languages, through new and more efficient ways.
Similar to the Galician and the Portuguese conjugators, Cilenis Conjugador Español allows different options for the Spanish verbs. If you wish, you can conjugate any verb, even those that don’t exist. If you need to follow the normative, you can choose to use only those verbs of the Diccionario de la Real Academia. Once you have chosen your verb, Cilenis Conjugador Español gives you its complete conjugation. Moreover: with those verbs that have double conjugation (atestar), you can choose which one you want to conjugate.
Evertything through an easy, clear and friendly interface. Free and without adds.
Cilenis Conjugador Español is free software and is based on a tool developped by Susana Sotelo Docío.
In Cilenis we still working for the development of linguistic tools useful for you. Conjugate freely and without errors!

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