New Natural Language Processing Hub

Recently, research and applications related with Natural Language Processing (NLP) have experimented a great development. NLP technology is used in several fields as, for example, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, e-Learning and other areas that need a smart manage of huge amounts of text.

Consequently, news related with NLP in the web have increased too: new specialized companies, new research aimed at a better analysis and understanding of natural languages… Nevertheless, the sources of these news are very different: from personal blogs of students to specialized webs of companies.

The Natural Language Processing|HUB is a new service that offers, for free and in real time, news related with NLP and other fields as e-Learning, Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Linguistics or Data Mining.

The NLP|HUB searchs in the web the best and more recent news, posts and videos about these topics, and organizes them in different categories making easier their management. Moreover, it provides rss subscriptions organized in different categories.

Keep informed with NLP novelties with NLP|HUB!

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