A little about us

Cilenis is a Spin-Off established in 2011 by members of the ProlNat@GE research group of the University of Santiago de Compostela, qualified as IEBT (Technological Base Initiative of Employment) by Xunta de Galicia.
Our goal is the development of products and solutions based on advanced research  in the fields of both Natural Language Processing and Language Technologies.
In Cilenis, we love Languages and Technology and we firmly believe that, by merging these two fields, there is a huge business potential.
As starting point, we have more than 600 millions of potential customers, native speakers of two of the most spoken languages in the world: Spanish and Portuguese. But that’s not all: in Cilenis we also offer solutions for Galician, French, and English speakers.
Our weapons: knowledge, imagination, work capacity, and enthusiasm. All this combined for open new ways in this amazing period of time, full of opportunities to discover.
For this reason, we build the future knowledge today.

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